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Monday 05 February 2007


Help on using this site.


At the top left and right of every page you will find the menu items which are of particular importance to the site as a whole.

At the top centre there is a “you are here” trail, so you can see the path you have followed to reach your destination and use it to revisit previous pages, rather than using your back button.

On the left hand side additional navigation will appear as you work through the site.


The search facility allows a keyword to be entered and the whole of this site to be searched.  Clicking on the returned list of articles will take you to the full page of information on the site.

Site map

The site map shows a list of all the articles in the site, in a tree-like structure. Clicking on any of the articles links the user directly to the particular article.

Related information

On the right hand side on certain pages there may be links to other relevent useful information.

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